Green Valley Country Club Group is a construction and development company based in the UK, Czech Republic and Dominican Republic


The history of the company dates back to 2010, when it started operating in the field of construction, development and financial services under the name Punta Rusia Development SRL. Since 2021, the activity has been extended to investment and credit (mortgage) services. Since 2021, the companies have been operating under the same name Green Valley Country Club. The Green Valley Country Club Group in the Dominican Republic, Czech Republic and England is currently represented by the following companies:

In year 2021, we obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate for management and corporate governance, and in year 2022 also the IS0 17442 certification. All companies also hold a valid global LEI identification code. Green Valley Country Club is a member of the Czech-Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, respectively we are member of several other professional and international associations. In year 2022, the company obtained a permit in the European Union to issue bonds in EUR and USD and can thus issue bonds with guaranteed yields of 8,5% p.a. to finance its activities.

Since 2022, we have been providing loans and mortgages to clients through our own mortgage and credit financial institution in the Dominican Republic.

The consolidated equity of the entire financial group is EUR 25 million and the liabilities to investors amount to EUR 2.2 million (bonds), which is less than 9% of the company’s equity.

  • Guaranteed bonds with an annual yield of 8.5% p.a.

  • Secure investment in real estate and construction in the Dominican Republic.

  • Over 30 years in the Dominican Republic market.

  • Appreciation of 8.5%, 15.8%, 22% per annum depending on the type and form of investment.

  • Eco-friendly construction in Las Terrenas, Jarabacoa, Constanza, Cabarete and Punta Rucia.

  • The Dominican Republic has long been considered the best country in Latin America for investment and construction.

  • Financing and mortgages through its own mortgage and lending institution – also available to foreigners.


  • Efficiency: We provide services optimally, properly and on time.
  • Integrity: We always act according to our best conscience and intentions.
  • Innovation: We are always learning new things and practices that we implement in practice.
  • Reliability: We will deliver what we promise and in the required scope and quality.
  • Environment: We protect the environment not only by our behaviour but also by digitising our processes and archiving data, without the need for paper.
  • Modern slavery: We do not buy products and services from companies that abuse child or very poorly paid labour.
  • Social responsibility: We provide employment and services regardless of colour, origin, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
  • Transparency: We are a transparent company, regulated, licensed and certified by international and ISO standards.
  • Accountability: We provide a guarantee on our services and advice. We are responsible for what we do for you we do for you and we do not shirk our responsibility.
  • Corruption: We do not encourage corruption and do not engage in any corrupt practices.
  • Fiscal responsibility: We do not use Offshore structures, we are not registered in any tax havens and we are responsible in our fiscal responsibility.