Investors Risk

Green Valley Country Club Group provides construction and investment services to the general public. Our goal is to capitalize on your investment in the real estate market or our bonds, and we do so responsibly, professionally and with the utmost care. All investments, including those in real estate, land or bonds, carry with them investment risks.

At all times we work with clients, we make a responsible effort to ensure that the amount of investment in bonds by clients and investors does not exceed 20% of the firm’s or holding company’s share capital. We also minimise foreign exchange or currency risk by trading only in USD and EUR, with most services calculated in EUR. Investing in bonds carries with it risks of loss. These are European bonds with a fixed interest rate, a fixed payment date and maximum transparency. The risk of bonds lies in the fact that they are not covered by deposit insurance like bank deposits. Our firm minimises the risk through good asset management, diligence, expertise, risk minimisation and capital adequacy. Before making any contemplated investment, it is advisable to consult with your attorney, investment or tax advisor.

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