Complaints Policy

Green Valley Country Club Group Complaints Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Complaints Policy”)

1.The Complaints Procedure of Green Valley Country Club Group hereinafter referred to as (“GVCCG”) regulates the main principles of handling complaints and grievances of clients of GVCCG, who may be natural or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as “Client”).

2.This Complaints Procedure is applicable to all companies of the GVCCG holding regardless of their domicile or registered office.

I.General requirements

1.A complaints shall be deemed to be a written or electronic submission by the Client expressing disagreement with the conduct of GVCCG in the provision of a service or a submission by the Client informing GVCCG of a problem the Client has experienced in relation to GVCCG’s company and services. If the nature of the disagreement is a complaint about the quality, scope, availability or cost of the service provided, the complaint shall be handled in accordance with the principles of this Complaints Procedure, regardless of the designation of the submission.

2.The complaint must contain full details identifying the Client (in particular, name and surname/company name and company registration number, contact address), details identifying the GVCCG service complained about, and a precise description of the case with the necessary details to enable the GVCCG complaints department to deal with the complaint.

3.The complaint must also include information on what the Client is seeking and, if applicable, what remedy GVCCG is seeking. If it is possible to provide any documentation for the complaint, then such documentation should be provided so that the complaint can be resolved as quickly and without delay as possible.

II.Method of submission, communication and handling of the complaint

1.Complaints  shall be submitted by the Client in person, by telephone, by e-mail, by fax or in writing.

2.GVCCG shall inform the Client of the settlement of the complaint in writing, by telephone or by electronic communication. Contact points, telephone, fax, email and other contact details are published on the holding company’s website at or email

3.GVCCG will inform the Client, upon request, how to proceed in the event of a complaint and which employee of the relevant GVCCG department will deal with the complaint.

III. Time limits for handling complaints

1.GVCCG shall handle complaints and claims as soon as possible after receipt. The Client shall be provided with a response in the requested manner (in writing, by e-mail, by fax, by telephone, in person) within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the complaint.  Complaints related to the Bonds shall be handled promptly, within a maximum of seven (7) days.

2.If the claim and complaint cannot be settled within this basic time limit, GVCCG shall inform the Client within this time limit of the expected date of settlement and the reasons for the extension of the time limit for settlement.

3.Complaints regarding services provided abroad or by third parties outside the scope of GVCCG, the deadline for handling the complaint is ninety (90) calendar days.

IV.Final Provisions

1.This Complaint Procedure shall enter into force and effect on 1.1.2022

2.GVCCG shall publish the applicable Complaints Procedure on the GVCCG website

3.In the event that the Client is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint/grievance in accordance with the Complaints Procedure, the Client shall have the option to apply in writing to the Commercial Arbitrator appointed to resolve the dispute.

4.GVCCG shall promptly publish any change to the Complaints Procedure on the website.

5.The Complaints Procedure is an integral part of the business relationship and by signing or accepting any contract or service the Client automatically agrees to the Complaints Procedure.

6.This Complaints Procedure is governed by the law of the Dominican Republic.

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